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Digital Practice in Chinese Medicine with Fogo

Chinese Medicine practice can be traced back as far as 5,000 years in written human history, recording the practice on various materials from turtle shells to bamboo and even silk. Today digital recording in practice for Chinese Medicine is becoming more and more popular; with demand increasing over the last five years. But how can we practice in a digital way and catch up with fast moving information technology? Companies like FOGO who provide features and functionalities that any Chinese Medicine clinic system would need.

FOGO is a software company founded in 2015 by a group of Chinese medicine practitioners and IT experts. The company set out to establish a cloud based clinic management solution tool that will help TCM and acupuncturists to be more effective and efficient with their day to day running of their clinics.

FOGO is a software company founded in 2015 by a group of Chinese medicine practitioners and IT experts who set out to establish a cloud based clinic management tools. FOGO aims to help Chinese Medicine practitioners, acupuncturists transfer their files from paper to digital and ultimately be a more efficient and effective clinic. TCM, Acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, natural therapists and all other allied health professions are who FOGO software is best suited for.

FOGO is very simple to use and to integrate into your clinic. With a 2 minute starter demo anyone is able to wrap their heads around the scope of the software no matter your skill level on computers.

FOGO features include appointment setting, customer booking experiences, calendar management, reporting and diagnosis, online dispensing, online patient visits, CRM and analytics, and client mobile portal.

So in conclusion, FOGO is a great value complete and comprehensive software suite designed specifically for the natural medicine and TCM clinics that offer medical or alternative treatments. FOGO strives to take care of all your digital practicing needs. It’s a mobile and simple program for all allied health practitioners.

FOGO fees start at $9 per month for a single user with a 30 day obligation free trial for first time customers.

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Implementation of technology and management systems in clinics

A well organised and efficient clinic is the pinnacle for all of us. A clinic that doesn’t communicate accurately with its staff and clients will severely affect its productivity and output. It is important to keep a functional workspace and this is becoming increasingly difficult as customer size and demand climb the use of old fashion, management processes will soon be outdated and ineffective. A well-managed clinic could include smart clinic management systems. These systems can easily organise working hours for staff, sort and group client booking times. Display available booking options, display sales reports, organise herb collections, herb dispensing and a vast range of functions to help create a smooth and efficient workflow for clinics. It is important that in an era of technology we utilise technology to automate time-consuming tasks and to track the flow of patients through your practice.

Productive workflow

Sometimes a productive workflow may not be the easiest result to obtain. Sometimes there will be quiet days in your clinic. But it is vital that your clinic is able to process a large load and stay productive during peak hours. A productive workflow may not necessarily mean working the whole time you’re in your clinic. Productive workflow can mean that absorbing input and transforming it into a beneficial output for your organisation. It is also important to utilise available material and resources in the most efficient manner while completing a task. The implementation of productivity management can be a defining factor in helping productivity in a clinic. Systems that offer simple features like mapping workflows. Organising tasks, managing teams, managing projects can significantly benefit the result of the final product. And through usage systems like that little to no amounts of conflict will reside within your clinics resulting in the most efficient productivity.

  • Client management
  • Staff management
  • Effective management strategies
  • Benefits of modern booking systems, client portals, staff management

As contemporary standards of technology increase, and as older forms of reception and client handling start to diminish, the importance of developing technologies becomes increasingly needed from a clinical standpoint. Not only does advancement in technologies affect and benefit client treatments and practices but the technology involved in service to client processing will be our centre of attention. We will focus on the use of technology within the management of clinics like bookings, treatment, record keeping, staff management, rostering, sales management and see what benefits it can bring for clinic productivity. Now information systems are being standardised in all areas to help benefit the workflow and efficiency of how organisations can retrieve, store, and process information. Booking systems can save clinic staff and receptionists so much time, money and space. There is no need for the slow collection of client details through paper and pen as it can all be done online via a website or an application. Clients can easily see available services, doctors, prices, and check availability all through their phones. This takes away the inconvenience of lines and long waits for spots saving both worker and client precious time. With simple grouping functions, admin roles and time management functions staff management cant be made much simpler.

Implementations of technology to aid these processes

With the growing potential and popularity of allied health clinics services like Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chiropractors, herbal medicine etc. The implementation of a system that offers a variety of functions and supporting shortcuts that make the job easier for the practitioner should be easily welcomed and be standardised all over the world. Anything that benefits the culture around Chinese medical practices should be influenced and utilised to help increase the awareness and success of allied health services. Simple systems based around Chinese herb sales, herb dispensing and herb suppliers can significantly save the amount of money and time used compared to ordering stock, potentially ordering too much or an insufficient amount. In house cooking, there is a wasted supply of herbs. With developed systems, you can choose to have instant herb prescriptions, quotations, decoction, packaging and delivery. Or if you’re purchasing from a clinic you can purchase precise amounts for a specific client case. This saves money on the potentially wasted stock, the time on packaging and pickup etc.