how your customer make an booking

how your customer make an booking

  1. Embed Fogo booking url into your website or send url to your customer. With the fast growing or QR code you may convert your Fogo booking url into a QR code. Display it at the entrance or front desk. Don’t have one? Please email to get one dedicated to your business. 
  2. Customers will need to enter url in browsers including smartphone browsers. Customers can scan the QR code to open the link.  
  3. Choose booking and follow the steps: Branch, Category, Item, next available time or choose favourite provider. 
  4. Choose date and time in the next step
  5. Verify email
  6. Choose to pay on arrival, online or by voucher. 
  7. Enter the payment details and submit. 
  8. Customers will automatically login to the Fogo client portal. Customers can view, edit or manage their appointments.