how to add your service items

how to add your service items

To have an attractive service list with attractive prices will attract more clients. It should be your first priority to set up your services including attractive names, prices, service durations and policies. 

  1. Log in your Fogo admin account. Only an admin account can set up and manage the services.
  2. Navigate Management > Services > Service set up
  3. Fogo has provided the examples for your references. You may modify it or create your own.
  4. You may choose branche, category, duration, buffer time and enter name, prices and your no-show policy.
  5. Online options means these services can be seen and chosen from you dedicated Fogo online booking url. You will need to connect your Stripe account with Fogo before you can choose this option. Please go to to understand more.
  6. Fogo promotes the in-advance payment for the service your client will choose. This will greatly reduce no-shows and cancellations.