how to make an acupuncture treatment note

how to make an acupuncture treatment note

Making an acupuncture treatment note is the same as the others. There is a difference with Fogo Acupuncture note as it is built with Fogo Smart TCM Assistant. With this tool, you may get Fogo to provide you some advice for the acupuncture points after the information of signs and symptoms are obtained from your patient. 

  1. Make an appointment for acupuncture services in dashboard
  2. Click ‘Diagnosis’ button to go to diagnosis page 
  3. Match signs and symptoms presented from your patient on the right  
  4. Take pulse and check the tongue mapping 
  5. Enter other information in the TEXT box. 
  6. Click the ‘Diagnosis’ 
  7. Choose the points suggested or enter it from the left bottom area
  8. Save before closing the page. 
  9. You may save it as your template for future use.