How can my clients purchase a gift voucher?

After setting up your Fogo gift voucher campaign, your clients have multiple options to make a purchase. Here are the methods available:

Method 1: By clicking the ‘Gift Voucher’ button on your Fogo booking link page. In case you don’t have a booking page, please reach out to us. Clients can then follow the provided steps to select a voucher and complete the payment. Once the payment is successful, the voucher will be sent to their email address. This process is entirely handled without your involvement, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Method 2: If your clients make the payment in your presence, you can issue the voucher directly to their email address. Access the ‘Fogo Vouchers’ section, click on ‘Issue,’ and select the appropriate campaign. Choose the first available voucher, search for or create a new client, and record the payment method. The voucher will be sent to the client via email.

Method 3: Alternatively, you can issue the voucher to your own email address and then print it out for distribution.