How to add staff provider numbers via Staff Management Staff managment

How to add staff provider numbers via Staff Management 

Most health service providers are allocated with unique provider numbers from public care or  private health funds. Some of them vary from different health funds. With the Fogo system, it is easy to enter your provider number with each practice and match it with your client’s health fund when you are issuing an invoice. 

  1. Login Admin or Receptionist account 
  2. Navigate to Staff Management page
  3. Search staff name and click ‘Details’ 
  1. Navigate to ‘Provider Numbers’ 
  2. Choose ‘Modality’, ‘Branches’, Health Fund and enter your provider number. 
  3. Click ‘Add New’ to save
  4. All this information can be edited afterwards. 

Use ‘All’ to save your time if your provider number is the same with all funds and public care systems. 

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