how to do a diagnosis with Fogo Smart TCM assistant

How to do a diagnosis with Fogo Smart TCM assistant

Fogo provides Chinese Medicine practitioners especially with an English language background with an easy to use smart tool. It assists TCM practitioners to get the signs and symptoms for the diagnosis. 

  1. Open the diagnosis page from the appointment table
  2. Choose the signs and symptoms from the left side of the page. These information can be removed from the right side under the ‘signs and symptoms’ tab. 
  3. Take the pulse and record tongue mapping. Both pulse and tongue inspection must be recorded prior to the activation of the ‘Diagnosis’ button. 
  4. Click ‘Diagnosis’ the results will be shown in the bottom of the right side. 
  5. The acupuncture points and herbs can be clicked to become your treatment. The results will be shown on the right side of the page. 

Please be noted Fogo does not hold any medical licence and all this information only can be treated as reference only. They are not or to replace your judgement or medical treatment . 

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