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how to prescribe granule herb

  1. Make a diagnosis for Chinese Medicine by following the diagnosis instructions. 
  2. Save the case after the diagnosis is done. 
  3. On the bottom of the case report page there are a number of menus. 
  4. Click the Granule Prescription to open the prescription page. 
  5. There are a lot of options on the raw herb prescription page such as online prescription, dispensing and delivery notes. 
  6. Enter the herb details in the middle part of the page. You may choose to enter a single herb or enter an herb formula. Search formula in the search area and all the ingredients with dosage will appear. Choose the herbs from the list. This is to help Chinese Medicine practitioners to memorise the formula details. 
  7. Enter the dosage, and used for external or internal 
  8. Enter the patient instructions on the bottom. 
  9. Save it before leaving the page. 
  10. You may choose to email or print the prescription to your patient. 

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