what is Fogo booking url

what is Fogo booking url

Online booking is essential to any business. However, it is difficult for traditional practice management systems. It is not simply using an online calendar to make bookings. It involves more than just name and time taking. It should include your business name, service, provider, identity verification and payment. Fogo provides a smart solution to this problem with Fogo booking url. It is formatted as YourBusinessName. 

It is a dedicated url and points directly to your Fogo portal. You don’t need a website to receive online booking. You just need to provide or promote this url. 

If you are a Fogo user and do not have this url address. Please email us your preferred business name to so we can set this up for you. It only takes a few minutes to set up. 

With this url, booking is not the only option. Your customers are able to register, book, reschedule, checkin, buy gift cards and see your special offers. Click this link to see the example

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